Himalayan AdventureMani Rimdu Festival

August 4, 2020by Bhagwat Simkhada0

Mani Rimdu festival is celebrated in the Khumbu Region of Nepal, or you can say festival celebrates on the Lap of Everest region. It is celebrated among the Sherpa community belong to the Mahayana-Nying-Mapa sect by Guru Rimpoche ( Padma Sambhawa), a Buddhist spiritual leader. The festival in Everest has been celebrated since 1930 AD in Tengboche Monastery.

This festival in the Everest region normally takes place every year in the month of November on a full moon. It can be changed depending upon the Tibetan calendar. The time period coincides with an end of harvesting work in the village hence drawing large crowds from all villagers in the Khumbu region. The monks perform the masked dances celebrating the victory of Buddhism over the Bon-Po religion in the Khumbu region. Mani Rimdu festival is also marked with merriment by monks as well as laypeople.

The festival consists of colourful dances. In addition, there are prayer ceremonies as well as meditation. Similarly, the festival also begets a huge mandala. The soil from various points of the hills forms the mandala. It takes up to 4 days to draw. Above all, look at the details of the dance. The 16 dance numbers moreover include intervals. Hence, such breaks fill the gap. After the dances, the monks begin their prayers.

First of all, the Mani Rimdu Festival trip begins with an arrival in Kathmandu. Get amazing chances for sightseeing there. Day 3 consists of a flight of about 45 minutes to Lukla. The actual trek starts from 3 hours trek to Phakding. Phakding leads to the main hub of Khumbu, Namche bazaar gives a sense of melting pot vibe. This is due to the mix of tourists and locals. Trekkers reach Tengboche after 4 to 5 hours of smooth trekking. Tengboche is one of the oldest towns. The destination has monasteries as old as the hills. The Buddhist prayers echo through the surrounding nature and culture.

Finally, after the end of the festival, Tengboche leads to Monjo. After 5-6 hours of trekking, Monjo opens the way back to Lukla. Travellers may face delayed or cancelled flights. This is due to uncertain weather.

Hence, the Khumbu region is more than just peaks and mountains. Embrace the cultural significance of Nepal with Mani Rimdu. The Buddhist festival takes place during autumn. Therefore, trekkers add the festival into their itinerary.  Book your trips in October. It provides a look into the Buddhist traditions. It promotes the Sherpa culture as well.